Give Back

A founding principle in our financial management is Give Back. We are blessed and compelled to serve our community, and the wider needs of children around the world.

Children International

During the past several years, BalancePoint has formed a deep commitment and partnership with Children International. This organization enables needy children living in poverty access to programs and services that not only meet their basic needs, but also serve to help break the cycle of poverty. Sponsorship strives to help children living in poverty become adults who have healthier habits, enhanced self-esteem, education and skills for a better life and more opportunities. To date, BalancePoint has 15 children that we support on a monthly basis, and each child is supported by the program from 5-19 years of age: As our business grows, our Children International family grows.

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Mission Southside

It's not easy to be poor, hungry, under-dressed, and without a home. Mission Southside donates goods, and thousands of volunteer hours to help make a difference right here in the Johnson County area. Mission Southside is not a church, but partners with churches, helps organizations, businesses, and individuals bring hope through the meeting of both physical and spiritual needs. BalancePoint has partnered with Mission Southside to help fulfill their mission since 2013.

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Giving Cards

Every year, millions of dollars are exchanged around the country in bottles of wine, pens, and other Christmas gifts for clients and vendors. As our list of sponsored charities began to grow, we quickly identified an alternative gift opportunity. We call it "Giving Cards".

With this offering, clients receive a Giving Card at Christmas that can be used to channel funds to any of our partner charities who are caring for people around the world.


Community Days

Our BalancePoint team members are connected to a wide range of charity and ministry organizations. We looked for ways to leverage our influence; to make a difference for these groups. We implemented a semi-annual opportunity for associates to take a paid day out of the office, to serve a local charity as a team.

From the ownership-team, to the newest associate, every person is invited to donate their day.

Hope Faith Ministries

Hope Faith Ministries provides essential services that are available 6 days a week. Hot meals, clothing, telephone and mail access, housing and employment referrals, a computer lab, showers, medical, vision, and dental are just some of the many services available.

Hope Faith Ministries is Kansas City's only collaborative day center with on-site partners that provide a wide array of services including medical, vision, and dental as well as mental health, counseling, and case management.

BalancePoint has partnered with Hope Faith Ministries by helping raise over $100,000 each year at their Dancing with a Mission fundraiser.

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Client CSR

We care about what our clients care about.

Our clients have charitable organizations that are close to their hearts. BalancePoint is passionate about supporting our clients' communities and organizations.